About Vidya Books

Established in 1971, Vidya Books pioneered the foundation for knowledge sharing exclusively for the Marathwada region.
Mr. Vasant Pimplapure, the founder of Vidya Books realized the severe lack of niche book stores in the region and decided to spearhead the knowledge movement which we now fondly call as vidya books. Our establishment from then has helped thousands of students to fulfil their dreams and people from all strata of the society to get their hands on books that were previously unavailable in Marathwada. We have been on this journey for a period of 46 years. In these years we have made life-long friendships with our customers.
Such inter-personal relationships have helped us evolve in the way we conduct our day to day business.
It is all thanks to them that we receive feedback on our existing inventory and suggestions about the nature of books that we need to stock.
It is this good will that motivates us to do great work. we now, provide books to almost all colleges in the Marathwada region and to numerous other educational institutes in the whole of Maharashtra along with a growing consumer base in our over the counter purchases at our store in Aurangpura in Aurangabad. After the sad demise of Mr. Vasant Pimplapure, his son, Shashikant, is determined to carry forward the legacy that his father so firmly believed in.
As an initiative to keep up with changing trends , Vidya Books has now stepped up to have an identity over the World Wide Web.
Explore our online store that houses hundreds of books on an array of topics that is guaranteed to fulfil every buyer’s need.
Vidya Books are not just an enterprise but an entire institution!

About Vidya Publications

Etablished in 1993 in Aurangabad,Marashtra, Vidya Books Publishers is an independent publisher of textbooks.
We are known for our commitment to quality and innovation and are a leader in our chosen academic, educational and professional markets.
We publish academic books on social sciences ,commerce for all the universities in Maharashtra for graduate and post graduate streams in marathi and the english language. We also publish non-academic content in marathi in the form of novels, books, reference,etc. Innovative ideas and approaches consistently distinguish Vidya Books Publisher programs.

Our products include:
» Academic and reference books with valuable content written from senior college university professors.
» A large repository of original publications in marathi.
» Innovative teaching texts for college courses.
» Professional books reflecting practical approaches to new perspectives and challenges.
» Updation of new content in every revised edition.

Being one of the leading publishers in the industry, We ensure that we are on a constant journey to search and publish quality content, be it for educational institutes or general readers.